What vaccinations are required?

Your dog must be current on rabies, distemper, and bordetella.

Is my dog required to be spayed/neutered?

No, this is not a requirement.

What training should I work on before I bring my dog to you?

Not a whole lot. We like to start with a fresh ball of clay. With pointing dogs, we prefer you don't teach them to sit! Get them used to dragging some type of check cord. Sometimes less is more.

What should I bring with my pup when i drop him off?

Most important is a buckle collar with a name plate. We will also need a 35lb bag of feed for every month your pup will be with us. Please also provide us a list of any concerns about your pup, such as being skittish, afraid of strange people, etc.

How much time do you spend training my dog each day?

There will be two major training sessions a day. During the first session, we focus on obedience. The second is fieldwork. The time really depends on how well the dog is accepting what we are trying to accomplish. He might need longer in the field one day as opposed to the next. Once we get what we want, we try to end on a positive note. Time definitely varies from training session to training session.

Can I come visit my dog while he is in training?

We would never say you can’t visit your pup; however, we recommend that you do not as to avoid sending mixed signals. If you must, we require 14 days before the first visit. This allows us to build a relationship with your pup so he gets to love and trust us. We are often asked, "Will my pup forget me?" The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! We've had dogs with us for a year, and they never forget their owners!

How long does it take to train a bird dog?

Typically, the imprinting stage phase 1 builds the foundation for a really good bird dog. Most dogs don’t even get this opportunity. It really depends on how fancy of a pup you’re looking for. Let’s put it this way: in 90 days you’ll have a brag dog, a dog you can be proud of, one that your buddies will be envious of. However, many folks don’t need a dog with that many buttons. It’s all what you want, and when I evaluate your dog, I can give you an idea of what you’re looking at. Some dogs aren’t capable of reaching those levels anyway.

How old should my pup be before you will take him in for training?

If your pup is under 1 year of age, we prefer to have a meet and greet with you and your pup. All pups mature at different ages. Some can handle training and pressure at 6 months old, and for some it's not until 13 months. So let me evaluate your pup first. It is also useful to know your dog's experience/ exposure to gunfire.




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